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Best of Happiness Hour 2010
Code: 2010HHCOMP

DENNIS PRAGER BEST OF HAPPINESS HOUR 2010 - 3 Compact Disc Set BEST OF HAPPINESS HOUR 2010 King Solomon's Ring - King Solomon had a ring on which were inscribed the words "This too shall pass." The meaning is clear: don't get too high and don't get too low. Try to keep an even temperament. more...

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Men's Sexual Nature - All 4 Parts - (CDs)

Includes: Part 1: Understanding and Demystifying the Monster Part 2: What Men, Women & Society Can Do With Men's Sexual Nature Part 3: Pornography: What Is It and Why Men Use It Part 4: Adultery: W.

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For Goodness Sake (DVD)

Produced by Dennis Prager and Richard Markey Directed by David Zucker Featuring Dennis Prager, Jason Alexander and Scott Bakula This is the best video ever made on the subject of goodness. America's biggest corporations have been buying it to show to their employees at the cost of hundreds of dollars per tape. more...

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Happiness Is A Serious Problem (Paperback)
Code: DPBK1

We Are Completelely Satisfied with Nothing There is a correlation between the circumstances of people's lives and how happy they are. This Is the Repair Manual We Should Have Been Handed at Birth When you ask people about their most cherished values in life , "happiness" is always at the top of their list. more...

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