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At the end of each year Dennis takes you back through what he and Allen believe are the best shows of the year from each of the Happiness Hour, Male/Female Hour and Ultimate Issues Hour. Each series includes 6 shows from the designated hour that were hand-picked by Dennis and Allen. Please view our Best of Radio 2012 products below!

Dennis talks about the Best of Radio series:
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Best of Radio 2012
Code: 2012BOFRADIO

The 2012 Best of Radio collection includes all of the segments from the Best of Happiness, Best of Male/Female and Best of Ultimate Issues hours. The included shows were hand-selected by Dennis and Allen themselves. more...

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Best of Happiness Hour 2012
Code: 2012HHCOMP

Best of Happiness Hour 2012 Many Roads to Happiness There isn't one way to be happy. There are many. more...

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Best of Male/Female Hour 2012
Code: 2012MFCOMP

Best of Male/Female Hour 2012 The Marriage Killer What is the marriage killer? According to an article in the Wall Street Journal it's not problems with money or sex. It's much more mundane: nagging. more...

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Best of Ultimate Issues 2012
Code: 2012UICOMP

Best of Ultimate Issues Hour 2012 Something from Nothing A prominent scientist claims that something (like the Universe) can come from nothing based on certain universal physical laws. But where did those laws come from? The truth is that science can’t prove how the Universe began. more...

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