Dr. Michael Richman on Heart and Health

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The Dennis Prager Show welcomes Dr. Michael Richman, cardiothoracic surgeon practicing in Los Angeles. Dr. Richman is the founder of The Center for Cholesterol Management. In this compilation, Dr. Richman discusses the importance of maintaining good health and becoming more aware of the diagnostics available to us.

1. The Cause of Heart Disease 

2. Your Heart, Your Health 

Dennis welcomes Dr. Michael Richman, cardio thorasic surgeon, back to the show. Dr. Richman and Dennis discuss the latest studies on heart attack and stroke prevention.

3. Heart and Health - Metabolic Syndrome

Dennis talks again to Dr. Michael Richman, cardio thoracic surgeon, about metabolic syndrome, a major health threat.

4. Heart and Health - Lipoprotein Testing

Dennis talks, to Dr. Michael Richman, cardio-thorasic surgeon, about the latest news in heart health.

5. Health Care Reform

Dennis talks Dr. Michael Richman, cardio/thoracic surgeon and Obama voter, on his new view of the President and the Health Care issue.

6. Cardiovascular Disease, Lipoproteins and President Clinton

Dennis talks to Dr. Michael Richman, thoracic surgeon, and frequent Prager Show guest, about heart disease and specifically what we can learn from former President Bill Clinton

7. Cardiovascular Disease, Lipoproteins, Letter to LA Times

Dennis talks to Dr. Michael Richman, cardio-thoracic surgeon and favorite Prager Show guest. The topic is heart health, generally, and statins, specifically.

8. Medical Studies and Cholesterol Tests

Dennis talks to Dr. Michael Richman, thoracic surgeon in practice in Los Angeles. He's also the founder of the Center for Cholesterol Management. Topics raised include: how do you tell what medical studies you should pay attention to and which not; should you take fish oil; how bad are transfats; what is the best cholesterol test.

9. Heart Health

Dennis talks to Dr. Michael Richman, cardiothoracic surgeon and founder of The Center for Cholesterol Management in W. Los Angeles. The subject is heart health and Dr. Richman's theories about the true source of heart disease.

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Dr. Michael Richman on Heart and Health

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