Happiness Is A Serious Problem: A Human Repair Manual

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This Original Talk by Dennis Prager Inspired His Book by the Same Title.

In Happiness Is A Serious Problem, Dennis Prager provides you with a lifetime's worth of insights and techniques for beating human nature. He teaches you how to repair the problem spots in your nature and how to find lasting happiness.

Attain Happiness by Understanding It. How can we overcome our insatiable natures? Using real life examples, Prager helps you understand the differences between what will make you personally happy and what others have convinced you will make you happy, and he shows how to isolate and repair these false assumptions.

Happiness Is a Habit.
Prager teaches you how to shockproof your happiness against the inevitable trials of a profoundly difficult world. From establishing a sense of meaning and purpose to your life to letting happiness be a by-product of other pursuits, Prager gives you the tools and strategies you'll need to make your happiness last.

Happiness Is an Obligation--to Yourself and to Others.
Not only do we have a right to be happy, we have an obligation to be happy. Our happiness has an effect on the lives of everyone around us-- it provides them with a positive environment in which to thrive and to be happy themselves. "Ask any child what it was like to grow up with an unhappy parent, or ask parents what daily pain they suffer if they have an unhappy child," argues Prager. "It then becomes obvious why happiness is a moral obligation."

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