Dennis Teaches the Torah on an MP3 Player

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Dennis Prager Teaches the Torah
All 5 Books Loaded onto a Mini MP3 Player!

A note about this clearance product:

You may be asking, "Why on earth would you offer these MP3 players for 80% off?!"

Good question. And here's our honest answer: the overall quality of the player did not meet our product standards. It was the consensus of our team that the player is kind of small and difficult to use.

One guy on our team (we're withholding his name to protect his otherwise stellar reputation) suggested we just throw all the players away. But that seemed like such a waste. I mean – difficult to use or not – the player still has all 241 hours of Dennis's teachings on the Torah! All five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It's all there.

So, we marked the players down 80% and now we're offering them to you.

Now here is the dirty little secret...if you try using the player and don't like it, you can download the programs from the MP3 player to your computer and then sync it over to your phone or tablet. And then throw the player away if you want. But we tend to think there will be some of you who will use the player just as it is.

At any rate, that's why this player is only $199 when it sells for $995 elsewhere.

We encourage you to watch the video for detailed instructions on how to use this device. Please don't hesitate to call customer service if you have any questions regarding this purchase.

What you get:

Genesis (45 Hours – 32 Talks)

Exodus (76 Hours- 57 Talks)

Leviticus (36 Hours – 35 Talks)

Numbers (34 Hours – 27 Talks)

Deuteronomy (50 Hours – 48 Talks)

Total: 241 Hours – 199 Talks


Also included:

- AM/FM radio
- Ear Phones
- Removable Memory Stick

Valued at over $3,200.00, all of the files above are loaded onto this mini MP3 player for you. No need to keep track of multiple CDs or go to a website to listen. Now you can have the entire Torah in the palm of your hand!

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