Monday, January 6, 2003 Radio Show

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Hour 1:
The Weekend in Review.
1. S Korea More Afraid of US than N Korea Many S Koreans blame the US for the crisis with N Korea just like many Europeans and some Americans blame Israel for the crisis in the Mideast. DP formulates a new axiom: those who confront evil will be detested by those who appease it.
2. Massacre in Tel Aviv.
23 Dead. 100 wounded. But the wounded don't just have broken arms. They often are blinded, have brain damage, and are ruined for life.
3. Honor Killing in Jordan.
Man stabs his daughter 25 times because she said she wanted to live her own life. Gets a six months sentence. Now he's out. Where did his daughter pick up this thinking? From Israel and the Western World. This is why Israel and the West are hated. We think women are free to live their own lives. In this father's world, they are not.

Hour 2:
Turning Doctors into Lawyers.
DP discusses a NYT opinion piece written by a Beverly Hills doctor who says that his colleagues don't talk about medicine anymore. They talk about their malpractice costs.
Brenda van Dam: No Forgiveness for Her Daughter's Murderer. Why should she even consider it? He hasn't asked for forgiveness.

Hour 3:
Revenge: There is Just Revenge and Unjust Revenge.
The purpose of prison is not just to keep people off the streets. The purpose of prison is also to punish.

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