Monday, January 13, 2003 Radio Show

Monday, January 13, 2003 Radio Show
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    Weekend in Review
    DP announces that he has just learned how to ride a bike... You can learn anything at anytime...
    1. Illinois Governor Empties Death Row
    Courageous move? How could that be? He's leaving in 2 days. Courage is if there are consequences.
    2. Korea Declares Holy War
    Holy War? How can a Stalinist state wage a holy war? Apparently, Kim Jong-il has picked up a few pointers from his Al-Qaeda pals.
    3. Buffalo Terrorist Cops a Plea
    If you had any doubts, Al-Qaeda is here. The real question is: why haven't they attacked us again?
    4. Gov. Davis to Raise Taxes to Cover Deficit
    This is what happens when Democrats dominate a legislature. They spend, spend, spend. Now they'll tax, tax, tax. Oh, sorry, they don't tax, they invest.
    5. Coldest Winters in Decades US and Russia
    Is this proof of more global warming? Globe is getting warmer, winters getting colder? Does this make sense to anyone?
    6. Lebanon Ambassador Says Canada Controlled by Jews
    That's why, the Lebanon Ambassador to Canada explains, Canada has labeled Hizbollah a terrorist group. They believe they're own lies. It's scary.
    7. Teenagers Have Weird Brains
    A new study says teenagers have so much neural stimulus they have trouble processing information. But, of course, they can learn how to put a condom on a banana because they're ready for sex.

    Hour 2:
    Illinois Governor Empties Death Row Continued
    Yes, there are inequities in the system. So what? If we wait for a flawless system, we'll never have the death penalty which, of course, is what opponents intend. DP reads the despicable horrors some of the murderers have committed. There is cold spot in the heart of opponents of the death penalty.

    Hour 3:
    ? Hour More on Governor's Reprieving Murderers
    ? Hour DP Reviews His Couples Seminar on Sunday
    Relationship must advance and grow. No one can fulfill all your needs which is one of the reasons you need friends of the same sex. Being in love means always having to say you're sorry.

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