Monday, December 23, 2002 Radio Show

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Hour 1:
The Weekend in Review
1. Time Person of the Year The Whistleblowers of Enron, Worldcom, and the FBI. A safe choice, but the wrong choice.
2. N. Korea Disables Surveillance Equipment. This situation is starting to boil. DP reads his email response to a Korean restaurant owner who has posted a sign that reads: "Americans Not Welcome Here."
3. Iraq: You Can Interview Our Scientists, but "You Have to Do It Here" That's a joke. Totalitarian regimes rein by fear and terror. The scientists know this, of course, so they won't speak in Iraq.
4. Jane Fonda in Israel. Demonstrates against another free country. She was wrong when she was young and she's wrong now.
5. Patty Murray Blames US, not Osama. Democrats can say anything. Should Judges Be Barred from Associating with the Boy Scouts? What have we come to? It's okay to belong to PETA, but not the Boy Scouts. The biggest battle in this country is for the American soul.
6. NYT Editorial: Let Africa Use DDT. Thanks to rich countries and the narcissism of environmentalists, a million Africans die a year from malaria. Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry.
7. Red Cross Bans Christmas in England. Don't want to offend Muslims.
8. Robert Redford Drives a SUV. He uses it for "exploring." That's his justification. Everybody else should stop driving one, though.

Hour 2:
Is Christmas in Decline? Red Cross in England bans Christmas decorations in their thrift stores. (see above)

Hour 3:
Intermarried Couples: How do you work out Christmas? Couples who are falling in love must ask: how do we want to raise the children.

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