Monday, December 30, 2002 Radio Show

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The Weekend in Review

Hour 1:
1. Looney Group Claims They've Cloned a Girl. These people believe that the earth was populated by aliens. Is this a group that we should believe? What will happen when their cloning claims are proven to be a fraud? Will they lose their credibility.
2. N Korea Kicks Out UN Inspectors. DP: The S. Koreans have been cowed. Who do they hate? The N Koreans who have starved millions of their own people? No, they're angry at America. GW was right. N. Korea belongs to an Axis of Evil.
3. Anti-Israel Novel Written by 15-Year-Old Italian-Egyptian Gets NYT coverage. Would a novel by an Italian-Israeli about the injustices and evils of the Palestinians have received this kind of coverage? No way.
4. Yemeni Moderate Murdered. By an Islamofascist. That's what happens to moderates in the Arab world. They are murdered.
5. Pennsylvania Doctors Threaten to Quit. Their malpractice insurance is too high because the risk of lawsuits is so high.
6. NPR Gives Another Arab Journalist a Free Pass. They challenge Israelis, but never their Israel's enemies. This is a story about how the American effort to promote itself in Arab countries appears to be failing.
7. Kids Trash PETA Protest in Scotland.
A story from October, but must be mentioned. When PETA showed up at a Scotland school to protest the evils of milk, the kids pelted them with milk cartons and told them to get lost.

Hour 2:
OJ Simpson Celebrated at USC Orange Bowl Practice. The double-murderer and former Heisman Trophy winner shows up at USC practice at the invitation of one of the players, Justin Fargas. He's welcomed, signs autographs and, at the invitation of the coach, Pete Carroll, visits the players in the locker room.
Diane Pucin, LA Times Sports Columnist, with DP for the first 15 minutes. DP makes the distinction between moral and legal. Nice plus Courage = Good.

Hour 3:
Health Care for Pets: Is There Limit to How Much You Should Spend?
Why torture an animal who doesn't want immortality with an MRI or kidney dialysis? These treatments are for the owners not the animals.

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