Best of Happiness Hour 2007

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Includes the following 2007 Happiness Hours (3 CDs):

 1. Are You A Prisoner of Your Emotions?

2. Can a Child Make a Parent Happy?

3. The Need to Compartmentalize

4. Indecision

5. 7 out of 10 Rule

6. Images

 Best of Happiness Hour 2007 (expanded descriptions)

Happiness Hour: Are You A Prisoner of Your Emotions?
If you are, then you have very little chance of happiness. You need to recognize your moods and control them.
Happiness Hour: Can a Child Make a Parent Happy?
On the eve of Mothers Day, Dennis asks if a child can make a parent happy. And, if so, how? Dennis offers three ways.
Happiness Hour: The Need to Compartmentalize
Dennis works out a new theory the need to compartmentalize. Sometimes you need to be able to separate parts of your life to achieve a measure of happiness.
Happiness Hour: Indecision
While we all need to weigh decisions carefully, one can go too far. This is called indecision. It can drive you crazy and make you very unhappy. Make decisions and don't look back.

Happiness Hour: 7 out of 10 Rule
If you can say that you're a consistent seven out of ten on the Happiness Scale, you're doing well. Swinging back and forth between one and ten leads to unhappiness.

Happiness Hour: Images
We hold onto certain images of what our life should be like. When those images of an idealized life don't turn out as planned, we have to be able to adjust. We need to create new images that comport with our new reality.

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