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The 2011 Best of Radio collection includes all the segments from the Best of Happiness, Best of Male/Female and Best of Ultimate Issues hours.

Best of Happiness Hour 2011

Have To's
Life is full of “have to’s.” You have to work to make a living, have to raise your children, have to take out of the garbage. Is this a challenge to happiness or a reason for it or both?

Limits of Complaining
You have to be able to express your feelings to friends, but how much complaining can you do before you alienate them? The answer: open up, but don’t be a burden.

Didn't Break 'Em
Parents understandably obsess over their children. But until parents realize that they can’t make or break their children, they’ll have a tough time to being happy.

How do you stay happy when your dreams for your life don’t pan out? Dennis has answers. So do callers.

Father Figures
On the eve of Father’s Day, Dennis deals with the topic of father figures. Are there father figures in your life? What role did they play in your happiness?

Does This Makes Me Happy?
People don't know what will make them happy. They confuse immediate gratification with happiness.

Best of Male/Female Hour 2011

Lessons From Your GPS
Why do men always choose the female voice for their GPS device? There’s an important lesson to be learned from the answer to this question.

Fondling in the Kitchen
Dennis explores a touchy subject – literally. If a husband approaches his wife in the kitchen while she’s cooking or doing dishes and playfully grabs her, is that a good thing? Or not?

Received Wisdom
What do you know now about the opposite sex and marriage that you wish knew when you were younger?

Crazy in Love
Should you be crazy in love with the woman or man you’re about to marry? Dennis offers his theory. Callers offer theirs.

How Does a Good Man Stay Faithful?
Given male nature, staying faithful is a challenge. But it’s a challenge that can be met. How does a good man do it?

Pursuing Marriage
Do young people pursue marriage the way they pursue a job or friendships? Being “open” to marriage is not the same as seeking it.

Best of Ultimate Issues Hour 2011

Feeling Good about Killing the Bad
Should we rejoice over Bin Laden’s death? This has been a question asked by many, both on the religious Right and the Left.

Bitter or Better
Calling on his own recent surgery experience Dennis poses the question, does suffering and pain make you bitter or better?

Do People Want to Be Good?
People want to be thought of as good; they assume they are good, but do they really want to be good? Maybe they do, but how high a priority is it?

The Four Big Bangs
Dennis talks to Frank Pastore, award winning radio talk show host, former major league pitcher and lecturer for Prager University. His debut effort in the Rational Case for God’s Existence series is “The Four Big Bangs.”

A Point in Time
Dennis Prager talks to David Horowitz, founder and current president of David Horowitz Freedom Foundation, about his new book, A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next.

Life Is Memory
Dennis dwells on the question: are we our memories? And can you expand this question to nations? Is America in danger of losing its collective memory?

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This special feature series of Ultimate Issues Hours is dedicated to exploring the relevance of the Bible. It's a relatively new idea that Biblical literacy is not important. Dennis poses the question, "Do you have an instruction manual? If not the Bible, then what?"

Prager on the Bible, Part 1: "Says Who?!"
This is the first of a series of 2011 Ultimate Issues Hours dedicated to exploring the relevance of the Bible. It’s a relatively new idea that Biblical literacy is not important. Dennis poses the question, “Do you have an instruction manual? If not the Bible, then what?”

The Fifth Commandment
The fifth of the Ten Commandments states that you have to honor your father and mother. Why does it say “honor” not “love”? And what does it mean to honor your parents.

Love Thy Neighbor
Perhaps the most famous verse in The Bible is “love your neighbor as yourself.” But rarely is the full verse quoted. This omission is critically important and says a lot about our modern, secular culture

Hating Evil
To love God one has to hate evil. This is the fourth installment in Dennis’s series on explaining key concepts from the Bible.

Do Not Favor the Poor
Dennis examines an important, but rarely cited verse in the Bible – do not favor the poor in judgment (Leviticus 19:15). This is the fifth in Dennis’s series explaining the relevance of the Bible.

God Has Moral Will, Nature Doesn’t
A first principle of the Bible expressed in Genesis 1:1 is that God created nature. He is above nature. Nature is amoral. God insists on ethical behavior. This is the sixth in Dennis’s “Relevance of the Bible” series.

Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is the only law repeated in all five books of the Moses, the Torah. That's how central it is to the Bible. It begins with Genesis 9:6. This is the seventh installment in Dennis's Bible series.

In the eighth installment in his series explaining key Bible concepts, Dennis discusses the importance of separation. Among the important separations noted in the Bible are Man/God, Man/Animal, Man/Woman, and Sacred/Profane.

Wisdom Begins
One of the most common phrases in the Bible is "the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God." You can find it in Psalms, Proverbs and Job. Dennis explains what the verse means. This is the 9th in Dennis's Brilliance of the Bible Series.

You Shall Be Holy
Dennis resumes his series on the Brilliance of the Bible. What does it mean to be holy?

Do Not Steal
You can make the case that all of the Ten Commandments can be encompassed in the eighth commandment, Do Not Steal. For example, Do Not Murder can be interpreted as you can’t steal a life.

Not Basically Good
Dennis explains the Bible's position on human nature - we are not born good. We need to values to shape our nature. This is the twelfth of his Brilliance of the Bible Series.

Arguing with God
The Hebrew Bible introduced a unique concept -- man could question and argue with God. That's what Abraham does at Sodom and Gommorah.

Walk Humbly
Dennis explains what it means to do good and walk humbly based on Micha 6:8. Part 14 in Dennis' Brilliance of the Bible Series

Dennis reviews his fifteen part series highlighting the brilliance of the Bible, synthesizing the themes he's developed over the course of the year.


God as He
Feminists and the Politically Correct have rebelled against the Biblical idea that God is depicted in the masculine. Are their objections valid? Or are there very important reasons why God has always been referred to as "He?"

If you are interested in hearing Dennis' teachings on the Bible, please visit the Bible Lectures section of the site by clicking HERE.

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