Best of Male/Female Hour 2014

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Best of Male/Female Hour 2014

Alison Armstrong: Emasculation
A woman is capable of emasculating her husband. But why would she do it? Does she even know she is doing it?

Men want to attract women. From time immemorial, this desire was a source of male ambition. But now it’s so easy to attract women, male ambition appears to be in decline. There are serious consequences to this change.

Wives and Lovers
Dennis deconstructs a Burt Bachrach/Hal David song from 1963, “Wives and Lovers.” This song would be mocked mercilessly on a college campus today, but contains real wisdom.

Women Think
Women think that men think like they do. Here’s an example: women don’t care very much how their husbands look, so they think men shouldn’t care much about how they look. But there are many more.

Peace or Sex
Is there something men want more than sex? Dennis has something in mind. But so do callers.

Name Change
George Clooney’s international human rights lawyer bride has taken his name. A fair segment of the feminist world is upset. Does a woman lose her identity when she takes her husband’s name?

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