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Each week, Dennis dedicates three full hours of his radio show to the topics of Happiness, Male/Female Issues and Ultimate Issues. Over the course of the year it amounts to 156 hours dedicated to these three topics. The Best of Radio 2017 collection includes 18, hand-selected by Dennis and Allen themselves, of the very best segments from the Best of Happiness, Best of Male/Female and Best of Ultimate Issues Hours.

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The Best of Radio 2017 includes:

Best of Happiness Hour

7.5 on the Happiness Scale is much better than swinging from 2 to 9.

Don't Look Forward
It's daily life that matters.

Life is a series of decisions. You decide to be happy; decide to show courage; decide to play the piano; decide to lose weight; decide to work out. Unfortunately, we live in a society that more and more tells its citizens things happen to you.

What Bothers You?
You decide what bothers you. And when you think about it, you might realize that a lot of what bothers you is a lot less serious than you first realized.

Disobedient and Unhappy
A disobedient child is not a happy child. You're not doing your children any favors by being permissive.

Dennis tells the story of how he came to be pre-occupied with the subject of happiness.

Best of Male/Female Hour

Happy Wife, Happy Life?
Happy wife, happy life is a cliché that everyone knows. But is this cliché really true? What about happy husband, happy life?

Alison Armstrong: The Emotional One
We always assume that women are more emotional than women. Alison is starting to wonder if this is true. It may be that men just control their emotions better than women.

Model Gorgeous
Women don't have be fashion models (or Playboy centerfolds) to be sexy; or to be attractive to men. A woman trying to be attractive is in itself sexy.

Making Marriage Better
Dennis asks: what was the one thing you've done that improved your marriage? Callers respond.

Romance Vacation
Make a vacation with your spouse a higher priority than family vacation.

Boyfriend v. Husband
What is the difference between having a long-term boyfriend (girlfriend) and husband (boyfriend)?

Best of Ultimate Issues Hour

Values vs. Culture
Values divide people, not culture. Sadly, people conflate the two. It's a big mistake. Dennis explains.

What God?
Saying that you believe in God doesn't really mean much. Do you believe in the Creator God who gave the 10 Commandments? If not, then we don't believe in the same God.

The Importance of Wisdom
What is wisdom? It's understanding life. If you don't understand life, your best intentions will come to naught, or worse, will lead to bad results. Compassion without wisdom is destructive.

The Universe is cooling. Eventually it will cool into nothingness. Everything we do is pointless. That's the view a philosophy Phd in the NY Times. And you know what, without God, he's absolutely right.

Lex Talionis
"Eye for an eye" is one of the most famous phrases in the Bible. It also happens to be one of the most moral. Dennis explains why.

Five Proofs
Dennis talks to Edward Feser, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Pasadena City College. His new book is Five Proofs of the Existence of God.

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Best of Radio 2017

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