Tuesday, March 8, 2005 Radio Show

Tuesday, March 8, 2005 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Sexual Sin
    Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher has been forced to resign because he was having an affair. Boeing is certainly within its legal rights, but is it morally correct to make this "sin" a firing offense?

    Hour 2:
    Bush Voters Want to Feel Superior
    So says Hate America professor, Andrew Hacker, Queens College, New York. Liberals don't feel superior for having voted for Kerry? This is classic projection... According to a new study dogs cost $40K over their lifetime. Could go on a world cruise for that... Hezbollah stages a rally in Lebanon in support of Syria, the country that's oppressing it. Shows what kind of group Hezbollah is. They love dictatorship and despise freedom.

    Hour 3:
    The Good Enough Teen
    Guest: Guest: Dr. Brad Sachs, psychologist in private practice in Columbia, Maryland and author of The Good Enough Teen : Raising Adolescents with Love and Acceptance (Despite How Impossible They Can Be).

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