Tuesday, July 22, 2003 Radio Show

Tuesday, July 22, 2003 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Moral Bank Account
    The number of false accusations of rape or sexual assault against men is, according to a Purdue University study, as a high as 40%. Is Kobe Bryant the latest victim? He has a good balance in his "moral bank account" as far as we can know. Also: reports from Iraq suggest at Saddam's sons may have been killed in a recent US raid. This would be great news. Bad news: still another US soldier killed in an ambush. Dennis reiterates that this soldier and all the others who have died in Iraq have given their lives to a cause that is vital to the future of civilization.

    Hour 2:
    Muslims in America
    Guest: Ahmed Nassef, writer, activist and creator of website www.muslimwakeup.com. He is also author of a piece in the Christian Science Monitor (July 9, 2003) calling for an end to Muslim racism against Jews.

    Hour 3:
    Stamping Out Shame
    No longer will food stamp recipients have to worry about coupon books. Soon they will have debit cards, so no one will know that they are getting government assistance. The goal is to remove the stigma of being on the public dole. But is that a good thing? Do we want to remove the component of shame from these transactions? Also: the infamous Hotel Moskva will be destroyed. Dennis recalls his experiences in Moscow in the Soviet era.

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