Thursday, August 9, 2007 Radio Show

Thursday, August 9, 2007 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Industry Stooges With Dennis Prager
    Newsweek has no compunction saying in their cover story this week that any scientist who denies the truth of global warming is a well-funded industry stooge. This comes to you from the same magazine that once said global freezing was a fact... The future of The New Republic is one the line. The Army denies the charges by a TNR blogger who claims that soldiers routinely commit atrocities in Iraq... Dennis talks to Tim Harford, columnist for the Financial Times, about the current housing crisis.

    Hour 2:
    Dick Durbin: Surge Is Working With Dennis Prager
    That's not a misprint. Liberal Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois went to Iraq and lo and behold he found the military making progress... There's "Gay Issues" Democratic candidates debate tonight. Hard to know how the Democrats will win with this one... Two suspects have been arrested in the hideous Newark murders... Dennis talks to George Green, the GM at KABC who gave Dennis his start in radio.

    Hour 3:
    The Al Qaeda Reader With Dennis Prager
    Dennis talks to Raymond Ibrahim, a historian of the Middle East and Islam. Ibrahim works for the Near East section of the African and Middle Eastern division of the Library of Congress, where he discovered many of the never-before-translated Arabic texts that make up the bulk of The Al-Qaeda Reader.

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