Friday, August 24, 2007 Radio Show

Friday, August 24, 2007 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Draw a Gun, Get Suspended With Dennis Prager
    Prager H1: Is this "War on 13-year-olds Month"? In Arizona, a young teen is suspended for sketching a gun... Just published letters reveal that even Mother Teresa had doubts about her faith... John Stossel exposes the truth about the UN's health ranking. They're biased against our free market system.

    Hour 2:
    Happiness Hour: Having It All With Dennis Prager
    Prager H2: Are these the four ingredients to a happy life -- good health, good job, good marriage, good kids? That's the list Dennis starts out with, but it soon grows as callers offer their opinions.

    Hour 3:
    Open Lines With Dennis Prager
    Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda: Issues raised include: how does one start a conservative group on a campus that doesn't have one; can you be religious without belonging to an organized religion; how does Dennis decide what subject to write about in his weekly column; how does one battle one's lazy nature.

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