Monday, September 8, 2003 Radio Show

Monday, September 8, 2003 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Weekend in Review
    President Bush updated the nation last night on the War on Terror. Dennis analyzes the text of his speech... Hamas political wing finally put on European Union terror list. Better late than never... According the the New York Times and the ACLU the purpose of the first amendment is not to protect free speech, but to assure "fair" elections. This would be a news flash to the Founders.

    Hour 2:
    Father Shoots Son, then Self
    In a tragic story out of San Diego, a father shoots his own son because of a custody dispute with the boy's mother. Dennis has no sympathy for the father, but why was the man denied the right to see his son? Why do the father's irresponsible actions toward the mother mean he can't have a relationship with his son? Our family court system has been feminized and people are paying the price, sometimes a terrible one.

    Hour 3:
    Weekend in Review, Part II
    Israel must build a wall to separate itself from the Palestinians. Nobody wants to do it, especially the Israelis, but it's necessary... A law to make penalties for honor killings stiffer in Jordan is defeated for the second time. It's hard to be optimistic about peace prospects when Israel is surrounded by people with such primitive beliefs... You can major in video games in college now. It's a lot cheaper to send your kids to the game arcade.

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