Monday, September 22, 2003 Radio Show

Monday, September 22, 2003 Radio Show
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    Hour 1:
    Race Fixation
    A high school girl in California wants to start a "Caucasian Club." If every race and ethnic group has a club, why shouldn't whites? Also, Dennis notes that the Miss America contestants all look like business executives in their official portraits. The de-feminizing of women happens even in a beauty contest.

    Hour 2:
    Villainous Israel/Saintly Arafat
    The UN condemns Israel again. The occasion for this denunciation is Israel's threat to deport Arafat... A former KGB spymaster writes in today's Wall Street Journal that Arafat is a creation of the former Soviet Union. They were particularly impressed by his ability to lie convincingly... The IMF reports that Arafat has siphoned off close to a billion dollars in aid for his personal use. Forbes ranks him as the 6th wealthiest despot in the world. But Europe adores him, so it's okay.... Also, a Giant fan is shot dead at Dodger Stadium after an argument. This is an extreme example of the coarseness that one finds at sporting events now.

    Hour 3:
    No More Discrimination Laws
    A woman who weighs 417 pounds didn't get the job she wanted. Naturally, she's suing. Fat discrimination. We can now add that to race, religion, sexual orientation and a half a dozen other categories that merit law suits. So, let's just do away with anti-discrimination laws altogether. We needed them once. We don't need them anymore. They're just fodder for lawyers. Besides, isn't it good for society to tell its members that it's not great to be obese?

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