Baseball, Dennis and the French

Baseball, Dennis and the French

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    Runtime: 90 Minutes
    Genre: Documentary
    Released: 2011
    Rating: This film is not rated, although Dennis says it's absolutely appropriate for the entire family.

    Dennis Talks About Baseball Dennis and the French:
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    BONUS MATERIAL: More than 50 minutes of raw footage from Dennis' interview.

    Baseball, Dennis & the French tells the true story of Paul Croshaw, longtime liberal activist and connoisseur of French films, who amazed his family, friends and himself by becoming a churchgoing, conservative Christian after years of listening to nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager.

    The film's background story is a miracle on a baseball field when Paul was 12. Through archival film footage, photos, home movies and re-enactments, this unique feature documentary recreates Paul's story as a dramatic counterpoint to Dennis's forceful, on-camera words giving the rational arguments for a God and the consequences to America if we become a secularized Country.

    The film traces Dennis' influence on Paul's journey from the ball field to his career as a liberal activist and skeptic, then to belief in God and in a Judeo-Christian America, and finally to faith in a personal God. The final act portrays the logical end of Paul's quest as he parts with Dennis to discover, on his own, the culmination of the Bible's plan of salvation. And Dennis, "thrilled that this Jew has helped Paul find his Christian faith," steps aside with his most poignant observation: "Only in America!"

    Dennis Prager has spent an entire career as a radio talk show host educating people and promoting traditional Judeo-Christian values, while Paul Croshaw's life journey from liberal activist to conservative Christian is intelligent, surprisingly funny and ultimately inspiring. At the Los Angeles World Premiere, the film received several standing ovations and critical acclaim. If you love Dennis Prager, BASEBALL, DENNIS & THE FRENCH is a must see film.

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