Parents and Children (Bundle)

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Having raised kids of his own, Dennis Prager understands the struggles of raising good kids when there are so many negative influences in today's society. Many parents today seem to be pre-occupied with achievement. There should be more emphasis on character building in children for the betterment of our future society. In this bundle, we highlight three of Dennis' most beneficial talks where he has discussed the issues and offers advice on how to raise a young child to be a good person.

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This bundle includes:

The Innocence Of Children: Why It Is So Important -- And How We Can Protect It

Dennis discusses the importance of raising children in today's complex world in his eloquent and inimitable style. Children should be allowed to remain innocent as long as possible, Dennis contends. Parents should do everything in their power to ensure this. But it's not easy to be a parent today.
How Good Can We Make Our Kids

There are many challenges a parent will encounter when raising their child. There is not one standard method to do so. Dennis examines the question, "How good can we make our kids?" In summation, we should forget about the word "make." Do parents truly possess the ability to raise the good crop of society? Dennis responds with a goal rather: "We should strive to make them as good a human being as they can be. Only God knows how anyone or children can be."
On Raising a Good Child

While speaking to a group of parents at an all girls' school Dennis outlines what he thinks is the most effective way to raise a good child. With his characteristic good humor, he describes why the task is so critical and so difficult.

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