Celebrating Diversity / A Happy Jew at Christmas

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Featuring (2) lectures by Dennis Prager:

- Celebrating Diversity (Save the Christmas Party)

Time: 1:10:06

- A Happy Jew at Christmas

Log Line: Addressing a mixed group of Jewish and Christian leaders, Dennis explains why Christmas makes him a happy Jew.

Sound quality: ****

Time: 41:00

Summary: Dennis marvels at the controversy that has surrounded the celebration of Christmas as a national holiday for the last decade. He explains why he loves the Christmas season and why the expression of the Christmas spirit with its special songs and gift-exchange is important to our national well-being .  He also explains why Christmas is disliked by the Grinch crowd. 

Major Points of the Lecture:

1.  To be happy is both a choice and a moral obligation.

2.  The nation's majority culture is Christian and celebrates Christmas. It's a matter of simple decency to let them do so without whining and complaining about being excluded or made to feel uncomfortable.

3.  We are a religious nation, founded on Judeo-Christian values. If we lose our religious character, we will lose our moral fiber.

4.  Those who protest the celebration of Christmas are narcissistic and probably unhappy.

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