Men's Sexual Nature 1: Understanding and Demystifying the Monster (Mp3 Download)

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Men's Sexual Nature - 4 Part Course Men's Sexual Nature - part 1: Understanding and Demystifying the Monster

Log Line:  Dennis approaches the painful subject of male sexuality with his characteristic honesty and insight.
Sound quality: *****

Time: 1:24:21

Summary: Dennis offers clarity on the issue of male sexuality, which is often embarrassing for men and very hard for women to understand.  He claims that it is easier for men to understand women in the sexual arena than vice versa.  Dennis believes that once women understand the challenges men face trying to control their sexual instincts, they will better appreciate the decency of the men in their lives.

Major points of the lecture:

1. Dennis lists the five components of male sexuality: the power of the visual, the immediacy of arousal, the tendency to sexually objectify women, the need for variety, and genital as opposed to emotional arousal.

2. Dennis believes men should concentrate on things other than sex in order to sublimate their sexual desires.
3.  Women can make men feel less shame about their sexual natures by understanding them.  Meanwhile, men must learn to regard women as human beings before sex objects and treat them properly. 

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