Thoughts on Marriage

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Dennis Prager: Thoughts on Marriage

Thoughts on Marriage

LOG LINE: Dennis outlines ten key ideas that couples should understand about marriage and their spouses.  

TIME: 1:36:06
SUMMARY:  Dennis outlines his valuable insights into marriage why it's a challenge and and why it's so worth the effort. Patience, a sense of perspective, recognition that each spouse has responsibility to the other to remain attractive are just a few of the ideas that Dennis discuses.

Major Points:
1.    Either marriage gets better or it gets worse.  Couples need to constantly work on their marriage to make their marriages strong.  

2.    Some romantic ideas can really hurt your marriage.  Romance is good but romantic thinking can be damaging.  

3.    Couples need to have patience.  Every couple has bad times and during those times, you need to remember why you love the person.      

4.    No human being can fulfill all of your wants or all of your needs.  Dennis is not a fan of the term "soul mates" because he thinks that "soul mate" is equivalent with "clone."  

5.    Being in love means always having to say you're sorry.  The three words "I am sorry" can be more powerful than "I love you

6.    Don't take your spouse's love, or even your spouse's fidelity, for granted.  Dennis thinks that "unconditional love" is for little children only it is exaggerated and undesirable for adults.  

7.    Give each other freedom.  People who love you in freedom are better than people who love you in control.  

8.    Do not automatically divorce if the other person has been unfaithful.  Many times, it is ego that gets in the way not love of wanting the divorce.  

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