Who Hates America and Why (Part 2); Ethics are Not Enough

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Who Hates America and Why (Part 2); Ethics are Not Enough

Who Hates America and Why (Part 2); Ethics are Not Enough

Log line:

Part 1: 
The best way to assess our enemies is to ask what are they values and to assess the sort of societies they have made or wish to make.

Part 2:
We have two natures one animal and one holy.  How we manage these two natures determines who we are.

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Part   I:  Dennis describes the two most significant enemies of America in the  post 9/11 world: the ideological Left and Islamists.  Both hate America because we are the only force for good frustrating their over arching goals: the Left in spreading its socialist secular  ideals to all corners of the globe, and  Islamists in creating totalitarian theocratic societies all through the  Middle East and  eventually the entire world. 

Part 2:  Since mankind is created in both the image of God and animals, we have a dual nature that creates internal conflict.  The Hebrew Bible provides guidance on how to resolve that conflict.
 Major Points :

Part 1:

1.  Americans, a free people living in a true democracy, are primarily concerned with providing for their families, raising their children, and pursuing happiness.  As an introspective people we first look to what we might have done wrong rather than angrily laying blame on others.
2.  You can know a great deal about a country and its people by considering  those enemies harboring great antipathy toward them. 

3. Our biggest enemies today are Islamic fundamentalists and the Left.  Although the specifics of their hatred are distinct they share the utter frustration of their goals by American might. 

4. We can examine Islamists specifically by asking ourselves what type of society they make. 

5.  Most  people wrongly assess the reason that Israel is the focus of such hatred by totalitarian and authoritarian countries in the Middle East.  It is hated because it is a modern, liberal, open democracy with a secular government and a very successful economy situated in the middle of a backward and  barbaric cluster of countries.

6.  The Left  in America is the secular intellectual class which includes university scholars and the mainstream media.  It shares its morally inverted belief system with elites in Western European society. 

Part 2:

1  Holiness is of awesome importance in daily life.  It is far more significant to the elevation of the human condition than ethics or morals.

2. In Genesis God says:"Let us create man in our own image."  Who is "us?"  The answer is God and the animals he created before man

3.Since man has an animal brain and a divine soul we have to strive to direct our behavior toward the image of God who is the essence of the holy. 

5.  The more animal a human activity is the more Biblical laws there are associated with it.  Their purpose is to elevate us from the animal realm.  Eating is one such example, sex is another. 

6.   We should  consider the consequences of  all that we do in life for its effect on the purity of our souls. 

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