The Bible and Homosexuality

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Dennis Prager: The Bible and Homosexuality

The Bible and Homosexuality

Log Line: Dennis explains the Hebrew Bible's position on homosexuality.

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Time: 1:08:55

Summary:  As articulated in the Hebrew Bible, the concept of separation is the key to understanding how God has ordered the universe.  This is especially true in the area of sexual relations.  Modern interpretations notwithstanding, the Bible is very clear on which relationships are permitted and which are prohibited.  To try to explain away these prohibitions is to profoundly misinterpret to text. 

Major Points of the Lecture:
1.    Love is not, in and of itself, divine.  This is a modern concept that has no Biblical basis.

2.    In Leviticus, homosexuality is placed on the same moral level as child sacrifice and bestiality. 

3.    God created man and woman to fulfill His desire for order and separation.

4.    The Torah invented the idea that heterosexuality is the norm. It is the first text to ban homosexuality in history.  

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