What Keeps Me Up At Night

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DTCD41 and DTDL41 - What Keeps Me Up At Night

What Keeps Me Up At Night

Log Line: Macro, micro and mundane issues that preoccupy the mind of Dennis Prager.

Sound Quality: *****

 Time: 1:07:35

 Summary:  Dennis explains that while he sleeps very well there are troubling issues that occupy much of his waking thoughts.

Major Points include:

1) Children: no matter what age they are, they are always on a parent's mind.

2) The amount of unjust suffering in the world: this has bothered Dennis since childhood.  

3) Cruelty: there is so much of it in the world. What makes a person want to do terribly things to another human being?

4) Free will: do we really have it? Dennis believes we do, but it often seems that many people are ruled by forces that seem beyond their control.  

5) Luck: it plays a major role in one's success in life. But it's disturbingly random, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

6) Stereo system: can you ever create the best?

7) The future of America: there are no guarantees that this great country will survive as a force for good in the world.

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What Keeps Me Up At Night

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