Why Are Jews Liberals? Why Was Moses Chosen? And Other Lessons

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Dennis Prager - Why Are Jews Liberals? Why Was Moses Chosen? And Other Lessons
Why Are Jews Liberals? Why Was Moses Chosen? And Other Lessons

Log line: With penetrating insight and intoxicating charisma, Dennis explains how and why most Jews are liberals and analyzes why God chose Moses.

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Recounting his own metamorphosis, Dennis explains the key policy issues that make it difficult for Jews to vote Republican, and examines the psychological and emotional reasons why Jews support the many liberal positions that are antithetical to Judaism. In the next section, Dennis explains why God chose Moses to lead the Hebrews by recounting Moses' reactions to several important incidents.

Major Points: Why Jews Are Liberals
1.    Support for the Democratic Party is mainly emotional. The 12 questions Dennis asks of liberals often show that most liberals don't share their party's values.
2.    The following 4 issues present a barrier to Jews voting Republican:
A)    Abortion rights
B)    Separation of Church and State
C)    Gun control
D)    Compassion
3.    Jews even remain liberal on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, which is basic to Jewish survival.
4.    Dennis lists  8 reasons why Jews are liberal against their own higher moral values:

Major Points: Why God Chose Moses:
1.    Those who don't want to lead would be better leaders than those who want to lead because many who want to lead just do it for the status and recognition. Moses didn't want to lead.
2.    The Torah shatters traditional thought the stature of one's parents determines one's worth.
3.    There are 3 episodes in Moses' life, and his reactions in each, that explain why God chose Moses. He intervenes in each situation, knows exactly what to do, and is motivated by a love of justice, not by whether the victim or perpetrator is of his own ethnicity.
A)    Moses kills an Egyptian taskmaster who is beating a Hebrew slave. God likes that Moses hates injustice and kills when he should.
B)    When Moses sees 2 Israelites fighting he asks the evil one why he is hitting his neighbor. Instead of merely telling them both to stop the ‘cycle of violence', Moses cares that one of them was wrong and was at fault.
C)    When Moses sees Midianite women being bullied by Midianite men he stands up and they let the women to go in front.

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