Why are American Christians Israel's Best Friends?

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Dennis Prager - Why are American Christians Israel's best friends?
Why are American Christians Israel's best friends?

Log Line Dennis explains why American Christians have become so supportive of the Jews and Israel, and why this is so important.

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Summary - Dennis delineates the different reasons American Christians have for supporting the Jews and Israel. He believes that Jews need not be suspicious of this kindness and generosity by American Christians. In fact, Dennis believes Jews should be extremely grateful for this support.

Major Points:

1.) There are four objections that Jews typically have to assessing their suspicion towards Christians support of Israel and Dennis refutes each one.

2.) American Christians support Jews because of the verse, "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you", referring to Jews in the Bible.

3.) Christians believe that Jews are the chosen people.

4.) Christians recognize the Jewish origins of their faith.

5.) American Christians are different than European Christians in that they care more about morality and good versus evil.

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