On Raising A Good Child

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PI 21 and PI21 DL - On Raising A Good Child II

On Raising A Good Child I     

***On Raising a Good Child I, On Raising a Good Child II and On Raising a Good Child III are not different segments of a three part course, but rather slightly different versions of the same talk given to different audiences.***

Log Line:  The best thing you will do for humanity is raise good children. 

 Sound Quality: *****

 Time: 1:37:21

Summary:  In this lecture Dennis gives practical advice and encouragement to parents about raising good kids.  To raise "good" kids you have to purpose to value goodness.  What do you drive them crazy about? Academics or virtue?  The importance of the way that kids treat their siblings and friends is stressed.  Gratitude and innocence are major factors in raising good kids.

 Major points of the lecture: 

  1. What do you most want your child to be?  Dennis compares academic success to goodness. 
  1. Parents should not allow their children to be mean to siblings; it is normal but not good.  
  1. Dennis promotes gratitude as a major factor for both goodness and happiness.  When there is no gratitude an outlook of "victomology" comes in and can produce unhappiness and worse.  
  1. Preserving a child's innocence is vital to their good upbringing.  Dennis explains the difference between violence and sexual awareness. 
  1.  Kids need both parents to provide guidance and authority. 
  1. Smaller points include: assessing a child's goodness, the importance of the concept of "holiness," and the significance of both teaching and living goodness to your kids. 

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