A debate with the Left: Dennis Prager and Michael Lerner

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Dennis Prager: A debate with the Left - Dennis Prager and Michael Lerner

A debate with the Left - Dennis Prager and Michael Lerner

Log Line - Dennis debates liberal rabbi Michael Lerner on issues ranging from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to America's domestic and foreign policy

Time: 1:23:29
Sound Quality ***
- Starts abruptly and there is a cutoff at 1:00:12
- at 00:42:06 there is a glitch
- at 00:42:05 a little glitch

Summary: In this lively and entertaining exchange, Dennis debates liberal rabbi Michael Lerner on many of today's important issues including their very different views on the failure of Barak's offer (negotiated by President Clinton) to bring a lasting peace to Israel; what the next generation of Jews must do in order to remain Jewish and whether or not the U.S should invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Major Points:
1.)     Michael Lerner argues that Republicans stir up fear, and that America needs to be fostering hope, equality, love and generosity. Dennis Prager argues that America must be a force against evil in the world.
2.)     Prager and Lerner debate race relations in America. Prager argues that if blacks were true to their core values they would actually vote Republican, not Democratic, while Lerner argues that America still has a long way to go in improving black people's status in America.
3.)     Prager argues that America is a force for good in the world and is in favor of invading Iraq because he believes Saddam Hussein is a modern day Hitler. Lerner argues against an invasion and claims that America is a greedy place and instead of using our power to topple Hussein, we should focus on issues like world hunger.
4.)    With regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Prager argues that the Palestinians will not allow Israel to exist in peace no matter what thevariables.  Lerner argues that there are fanatics on both sides who don't want peace, and thus the blame is equal.
5.)    With regards to Judaism, Prager argues that the next generation of Jews must have God in their life. Here, Lerner agrees and believes that God is a force that champions the powerless.

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