The Case for Capitalism and Shopping; Goodness Above All

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The Case for Capitalism and Shopping

Log line: Dennis offers a stirring defense of capitalism and explains why being a enthusiastic consumer (within reason) is good for the individual and society.

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Summary: Nothing good can come from capitalism based purely on selfishness.  However, virtually all freedom has been acquired by capitalistic motives.  Dennis outlines different components of capitalism in America and why is it not necessarily wrong to contribute to consumerism.

Major Points of the Lecture:
1.    Assessing motives is pointless- motives do not equate with goodness; it is okay to want to make money
2.    Capitalism teaches you that you are responsible for yourself
3.    It is not wrong to want to buy for yourself or others; it is okay to have national times to spend money on our loved ones
4.    When the rich spend, the poor benefit. Spending money creates jobs for others and balances the economy
5.    Capitalism only works well when capitalists have good moral values
6.    Nobody outside of America would like Americans to work less or shop less

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