On Raising A Good Child I

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DTCD11 and DTDL11 - On Raising a Good Child II On Raising A Good Child II

***On Raising a Good Child I, On Raising a Good Child II and On Raising a Good Child III are not different segments of a three part course, but rather slightly different versions of the same talk given to different audiences.***

Log Line: The most important job in the world is raising a good child.

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Time: 1:52:51

Summary:  While speaking to a group of parents at an all girls' school Dennis outlines what he thinks is the most effective way to raise a good child. With his characteristic good humor, he describes why the task is so critical and so difficult.

Major Points of the Lecture:
1.    Ask yourself what you most want your child to be. Dennis places the priority on goodness and character.

2.    Parents shouldn't live through their children or make their happiness dependent on their children. It's not healthy for parent or child.

3.    The most overrated idea in American life is where you go to college.  Good grades and good schools are important, but they are not the most important thing.  

4.    Dennis believes that a belief in God is very helpful in raising children.  Obviously, atheists and agnostics can raise wonderful children and do, but having God to back you up can be an enormous help to a parent.

5.    Parents need to instill a sense of gratitude in their children.  It won't be easy, but it's critical for the child's long term well being.

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