Dennis Prager and Alison Armstrong (Volumes 1, 2, 3)

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One of Dennis' most popular guests is Alison Armstrong - renowned relationship expert and creator of The Queen’s Code Workshop. The Dennis Prager Store has two compilations of shows with this frequesnt guest.

Dennis Prager and Alison Armstrong
Volume One

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1) Differences Between Men and Women:

2) Can Women Understand Male Sexuality?

3) Obligatory Sex:
Dennis and Alison discuss the importance of sex in a marriage.

4) Three Crucial Components of a Relationship

5) Fathers and Judgement:
Dennis and Alison talk about masculinity, fatherhood and judgment.

6) Dealing with Anger:
What happens when spouses hurt one another? What is the source of the anger? What hurts a woman's feelings? What hurts men?

7) Taking Things Personal:
Taking out the garbage - a small item on the list of marriage issues? Think again.

8) When Do You Say Enough?
About a very sensitive and complex subject: When do you give up on a spouse?

9) Men, Women and Competition:
Dennis and Alison discuss the different role of competition in the lives of men and women.

10) What Makes Men and Women Feel Safe:
Their topic is what makes men and women feel "safe?" They are totally different. And, as usual, men and women rarely have a clue of what the other is thinking.

11) Breaking the Code:
Dennis and Alison discuss how men and women hear the same words differently and how they can get on the same wavelength.

12) The 18 Minute Solution:
Dennis's regular guest, Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert, has a new theory - the efficiency of sex.

13) Expecting More:
Why are men and women so reluctant to ask for why they need?

14) Appreciation Equation:
Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert, about Alison's "appreciation equation" and learning the language of appreciation.

15) Key Words:
Alison focuses on a few words that are key to a successful relationship.

16) Procreate, Protect and Provide:
Renown relationship expert, Alison Armstrong, talks about our three main priorities to procreate, protect, and provide. The order is very important and leads to some surprising and profound conclusions about how men and women relate to one another.

17) Anticipation:
Relationship expert and regular Prager Show guest, Alison Armstrong discusses the issue of anticipation with Dennis. We always think of wives wanting their husbands to anticipate their needs; but men have their own expectations.

18) Character Types:
Prager H2: Renown relationship expert Alison Armstrong describes five different personality types. How couples synch up has a big impact on how they relate to each other.

19. On Complaining:
Complaining bleeds the life out of marriages. Alison describes the problem to Dennis and offers solutions.

20. Happy Wife, Happy Life:
A man is obsessed with two things as it relates to his spouse: what does she need and what will make her happy.

Dennis Prager and Alison Armstrong
Volume Two

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1) Devotion
Men want to be devoted to his mate and give her everything she desires. But his mate has to provide him with what he needs – admiration, nurturing, attention, validation, among other things.

2) Alison Armstrong on Emasculation
A wife is capable of emasculating her husband. But why would she do it? And does she even know that she is doing it?

3) Money, Men and Mischief
Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong about how men and women relate to money.

4) How Men and Women See Happiness
Relationship expert, Alison Armstrong, makes a rare appearance on the Happiness Hour to talk about how men and women experience happiness differently.

5) Liar, Liar
Dennis talks with Alison Armstrong why men and women lie to each other.

6) Open Lines with Alison Armstrong
Dennis and Alison open up the lines to callers. Issues raised include: how do you please a wife who is negative about anything; how can a man expose his vulnerability without looking weak.

7) Alison Armstrong on Frustrations
The topic is: what frustrates each sex about the other?

8) Moving Targets
Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong on the topic of: the shifting female personality. This can pose problems for men. But are there solutions.

9) Frog Farmers
The topic is: how to get the best your spouse can offer. It takes a willful choice on your part.

10) Alison Armstrong on Criticism
Criticism of your spouse is almost always a relationship cooler and can easily be a killer.

Dennis Prager and Alison Armstrong
Volume Three

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1) Good Anger
Anger makes us uncomfortable, but can be useful if you know how to interpret it.

2) Open Lines with Alison Armstrong
Dennis opens the lines for callers. Issues raised include: how can wives avoid being self-righteous with their husbands; do women want a macho man or a sensitive man; what appeals to women voters; why are women so possessive.

3) The Emotional One
We alsways assume that women are more emotional than men. Alison is starting to wonder if this is true. It may be that men just control their emotions better than women.

4) Believability
The Topic is: Men and women process information differently. So how can they possibly understand each other.

5) Princes into Frogs
Women turn princes into frogs. This is thwat is known as self-fulfilling prophecy. Women oftern unconsciously bring out the worst in their spouse. But they can reverse this self-destructive behavior.

6) Better Off Without You
The subject: what if your spouse tells you they are better off without you?

7) Valentine's Day with Alison Armstrong
What does it mean to be really loved? Reowned relationship expert and Prager Show regular, Alison Armstrong breaks it down.

8) Factory Installed
In between Mother's and Father's Day, Alison explains fundamental differences between men and women.


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